Public Lecture on Nuclear Safety - Dr Mzubanzi Bismark Tyobeka

Dr Mzubanzi Bismark Tyobeka

CEO of the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa


“Nuclear Safety Regulation in South Africa”

South Africa has a long history in using nuclear energy and nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Whilst nuclear has tremendous benefits for human health, economic development and general advancement of the country, it also comes with risks. There are international measures that have been brought into being to counterbalance such risks. International Nuclear Safety Standards recognizes that an independent nuclear Regulator is a necessary precondition for any country considering the use of nuclear energy and related technologies. These standards are one such instruments to mitigate risks associated with the use of radiation and nuclear technology. This public lecture will cover South Africa's journey and role nationally and internationally towards a safe and secure use of nuclear energy and radiation technologies, through a credible and independent National Nuclear Regulator, the NNR.

Dr Tyobeka was appointed as CEO of the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) in September 2013.  He started his nuclear career 19 years ago as a reactor Physicist at Eskom Enterprises, the South African Electricity Utility Company, before moving on to the roles of Senior Physicist at Eskom Enterprises, Chief Nuclear Engineering Analyst at PBMR Pty Ltd and Nuclear Engineer and Unit Head: Gas-Cooled Reactors at the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA in (Austria, Vienna).


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Wed, 14 Aug 2019 - 18:00

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