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Charlotte Hillebrand-Viljoen

Hi! I'm Charlotte Hillebrand-Viljoen, lover of maths, physics, stories, games (mostly the kind played around a table, but sometimes other kinds with computers or big open spaces) and a variety of generally geeky activities. In 2016 I finished my MSc thesis, titled Parallel Computing Solutions to the Balitsky-Kovchegov Equation, under the supervision of Heribert Weigert at UCT. In my MSc project I used GPU computing (with NVidia CUDA) to produce high-performance software that evolves solutions of the BK equation through different energies. (The BK equation describes the correlation of colour dipoles in the small Bjorken-x limit — it allows us to calculate the probabilities of a variety of QCD interactions in high energy particle colllisions, like those at the LHC). I'm currently a postgraduate student representative in the UCT Physics department, so if you have questions about physics postgrads here, ask me!

I've been involved in sundry teaching activities at UCT, comprising some lecturing and laboratory demonstrating and more theory tutoring — if you're a Physics major at UCT, odds are you've seen me in tutorials at some point. I also enjoy sharing the fun of science with a wider audience; both as a speaker and a writer. You can find me on twitter as @charli_h or at my website, Scientific Tales, where I write about physics, fiction and things one might find in between.