Tom Dietel


Student Projects in the UCT ALICE Group

The ALICE Group at the University of Cape Town offers various Honours projects as well as Master or PhD theses. These can cover analysis of data recorded by the ALICE experiment at the LHC, or computing developments for future ALICE runs. Please contact Tom Dietel directly for more information.

Photon Measurements with ALICE

  ALICE can measure photons via their conversion into an electron-positron pair. This method provides excellent momentum resolution down to low photon energies and is therefore well suited for the measurement of thermal photons. Projects can cover the measurement of photons in p-p, p-Pb or Pb-Pb data recorded in 2010-13, or the preparation and performance study of triggers for the upcoming run in 2015-17.

ALICE Online-Offline Upgrade

  ALICE and LHC will receive a major upgrade in the next long shut-down in 2018/19, pushing the readout data rate to 1 TB/s. A major upgrade of the online and offline computing hardware and software is needed to handle this data volume. Students in the UCT ALICE group can contribute to this upgrade project, e.g. by studying and optimizing the online reconstruction or calibration algorithms, developing the computing infrastructure, or evaluating potential hardware platforms, like GPUs, FPGAs or Intel and ARM CPUs.